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Activation of McAfee subscription

Go to the

  1. 01) Enter the product activation key (if prompted).
  2. 02) Login to McAfee account using credentials.
  3. 03) Tap on “Submit” and choose “Country and language”.
  4. 04) Once you are logged in, tap on the “Download” button.
  5. 05) Locate the file in “Downloads” and run the app to install.

McAfee for Home and Business

For the business, it is not easy to maintain security especially when you are handling a big business but with McAfee antivirus, you can really make things and security concerns better. McAfee software is capable of delivering the security software for your business PC’s and make sure that your business runs safely and profoundly. Moreover, it monitors the websites that you open on your PC and blocks the vulnerable threats that are capable to harm your device and it automatically blocks the harmful content. Visit the official McAfee website that goes by URL to know more about McAfee Business subscription.

For the Home, McAfee is a comprehensive security provider that deals with your everyday computer security need whether it is your daily security need for your android devices. It is a convenient yet affordable software for Home users. Moreover, it predicts the bugs that can harm your device or used for breaching your valuable data. It provides a basic and good platform to the users who wish to create no leak for the hackers to breach your data. The McAfee provides you complete protection for your social media accounts and prevents online threats and spyware attacks on your phones and computers. With McAfee, you will get a firewall, password manager and parental control to build your privacy.

Why you should choose McAfee antivirus software?

We all know that McAfee antivirus is one of the best security antiviruses that provides a comprehensive security package for your data and devices. Remember, this is not just any software that removes all the viruses and does the bug reporting, but it also provides full security for your device and blocks down the vulnerable attacks that have the potential to harm your device.

Not only for the Windows 10 system but also for the Mac devices and moreover for the tablets and even on mobile devices. Security is the primary focus for the McAfee security system and then it saves you from the potential threat and sends your warnings. In order to protect your data and device with McAfee, you need to download and activate McAfee by visiting

How to perform McAfee activation using the retail card?

In order to perform the McAfee activation using the retail card you just need to visit and then you will be prompted to enter the activation code of 25 alphanumeric code. Once you have entered the McAfee code and other credentials correctively then you will see the activation screen and after this, you can start to download and install the antivirus security online via

What is the process to download and install McAfee via

  1. 01) Go to the McAfee official website via
  2. 02) Sign in to the McAfee account using credentials.
  3. 03) Select the McAfee product you wish to install and tap on the “Download” link.
  4. 04) Double-tap on the downloaded file and begin the installation process.
  5. 05) Tap on the “Install” button and go through the license agreement.
  6. 06) Now, just restart your device and you can proceed with McAfee subscription.

How to create and activate McAfee subscription via

  1. 01) Go to the “Your Subscription” tab on your McAfee account.
  2. 02) Tap on the “Edit Profile” button and you will be taken to the
  3. 03) You have to enter the linked email address and tap on the “Next” button.
  4. 04) Choose a strong password and enter it followed by a tap on the “Next” button.
  5. 05) Congratulations! You have successfully created and activate the McAfee subscription.

How to renew your McAfee subscription via

  1. 01) First of all, go to the and login to the account.
  2. 02) Go to the “My Account” page and tap on the “All expired” option.
  3. 03) You can tap on the “View active” to get the details for expired and unexpired subscriptions.
  4. 04) Select the subscription and tap on the “Renew” button.
  5. 05) Fill up all the necessary billing details as prompted on-screen.
  6. 06) Once you have completed the payment process you have successfully completed the renewal process.

How to activated pre-installed McAfee on Windows 10?

  1. 01) Open the “McAfee” file and tap on the “Your subscription” option.
  2. 02) Now, tap on the “Edit Profile” option and enter the credentials.
  3. 03) After this, just tap on the “Next” button.
  4. 04) Enter the set credentials and follow the complete process to complete the activation step.
  5. 05) Remember, to enter the McAfee activation code whenever it is prompted on-screen.
  6. 06) Once the activation process gets completed, tap on the “Verify Subscription” option.
  7. 07) Double-tap on the “McAfee” icon and tap on the “Verify Subscription” button again.
  8. 08) Wait for the verification process to complete and then tap on “Your Subscription”.
  9. 09) Now, just confirm the correct date of expiry as prompted on-screen.